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Learn JLPT N4 Grammar: ておく (teoku)

Learn JLPT N4 Grammar: ておく (teoku)

Meaning: to do something in advance (as preparation for something else)

Explain: Used to express the completion of a certain action or action before a certain time.

How to use:  Verb-てform + おく

Example sentences:

1. 日本へ行く前に日本語を習っておくつもりです
nihon e iku mae ni nihongo o naratte oku tsumoridesu
I plan to learn Japanese before going to Japan.

2. その書類はあとで見ますから、そこに置いておいて下さい。
sono shorui wa ato de mimasukara, soko ni oite oite kudasai.
I’ll look at that document later, so please put it there.

3. このワインは冷たい方がいいから、飲むときまで冷蔵庫にいれておこう。
kono wain wa tsumetai kata ga īkara, nomu toki made reizōko ni irete okou.
This wine tastes good cold, so put it in the fridge first

4. よし子が遅れて来てもわかるように、伝言板に地図を書いておいた。
yoshiko ga okurete kite mo wakaru yō ni, dengonban ni chizu o kaite oita.
I’ve already posted a map on the message board so Yoshiko can still find it, even if I’m late.