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Basic Japanese Phrases – Part 3

Basic Japanese Phrases – Part 3
Useful Japanese Phrases
In this lesson, we will learn about commonly used Japanese phrases.

Japanese Romaji Meaning
ようこそ youkoso Welcome (aboard)
さようなら sayounara Good bye (This is only used if you are leaving for a long time, like going overseas)
また明日 mata ashita See you tomorrow
ではまた dewa mata See you
すみません sumimasen Excuse me (when asking for something)
すみません sumimasen I am sorry (for my fault)
すみません sumimasen Pardon me (for missing what you said)
すみません sumimasen Thank you (for taking the trouble to do… for me)
ごめんなさい gomen nasai I am sorry
失礼ですが shitsurei desuga Excuse me, but… (when asking for something)
ありがとうございます arigatou gozaimasu Thank you very much
どういたしまして dou itashimashite You are welcome/Don’t mention it/Not at all
どうぞ douzo Here you are. (Used when offering something to someone)
どうも doumo Well, thanks
お休みなさい oyasumi nasai Good night
おめでとうございます omedetou gozaimasu Congratulations
お元気ですか ogenki desu ka How are you?
はい、おかげさまで 元気です hai, okagesamade genki desu Yes, due to your kind thought, I am very good
大丈夫ですか daijoubu desu ka Are you OK?
大丈夫です daijoubu desu I am OK
はじめまして hajimemashite How do you do? (Literally “I am meeting you for the first time”. This Japanese phrase is usually used as the first phrase when introducing oneself)
マイクと申します maiku to moushimasu My name is Mike (Assuming your name is Mike)
どうぞよろしくお願いします douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu I am pleased to meet you. (Literally “Please make good relation with me” or “Please be kind to me”. Usually used at the end of a self-introduction)
こちらこそよろしくお願いします kochira koso yoroshiku onegaishimasu I am please to meet you too. (Literally “Please be kind to me too”) (Response to “どうぞよろしくお願いします”)
これからお世話になります korekara osewani narimasu I hope for your assistance hereafter. (Literally “Please take care of me hereafter”)
ごめんください gomenkudasai Anybody home?/May I come in? (An expression used by a visitor)
いらっしゃい irasshai How nice of you to come/Welcome
どうぞお上がりください douzo oagari kudasai Please come in (the house)
お邪魔します ojamashimasu Excuse me for disturbing you (Greeting used when going to someone’s house)
お名前は o namae wa What is your name?(The “お” in front makes the question more polite)
いただきます itadakimasu You say this to express your gratitude before meals
ごちそうさまでした gochisou sama deshita You say this to express your gratitude after meals
行ってきます ittekimasu I am going out now. See you later (Phrase used when going out from home)
行ってらっしゃい itterasshai Take care. Have a nice day (Response to “行ってきます”, used by people in the house)
ただいま tadaima I am home (Phrase used when coming back to home)
お帰りなさい okaerinasai Welcome back (Response to “ただいま”, used by people in the house)
お気をつけて o ki wo tsukete Be careful
お大事に o daiji ni Take care of your body (say this to friend who is sick)

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