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Basic Japanese Lessons: Restaurant Dialogue

Basic Japanese Lessons: Restaurant Dialogue
Japanese Expressions Used at a Restaurant
In this article, we will learn about Japanese communication and conversation patterns for service staff.

The Japanese especially appreciate politeness in communication and respect for customers.
1. いらしゃいませ。
Welcome, honored guests!

2. 何名様でいらっしゃいますか。
nanmei sama de irasshaimasuka?
How many people are you going?

3. こちらへどうぞ
kochira e douzo
Please go this way!

In case the restaurant is out of tables, too crowded and has not been arranged, you can say:
4. 今日はこんでいますので、ごあいせきでよろしいでしょうか。
kyou wa kondeimasu node, goaiseki de yoroshiideshouka?
It’s quite crowded today, can you sit at the same table?

In case the customer has settled into a seat, you can refer to the Japanese conversation in the restaurant below:
5. Client: あのー、メンニューを見せてください。
ano, mennyu wo misetekudasai
Dude, show me the menu.

Staff: はい、どうぞ…ご注文はお決まりですか。
hai, douzo… gochuumon wa okimaridesuka
Yes, please. Have you chosen the dish yet?

Client: もうちょっと考えさせてください。
mou chotto kangae sasete kudasai
Let me think for a moment.

6. 何になさいますか。
nanni nasai masuka?
What do customers use?

7. 少々お待ちください。
shoushou omashi kudasai
Please wait a moment.

8. お待たせしました。
omatase shimashita
Sorry to keep you waiting for a long time.

9. お飲み物はいかがですか。
onomimono wa ikagadesuka?
Would you like to order more drinks?

10. どうぞ、お召し上がりください
douzo, omeshiagari kudasai
Please invite you to dine.

11. お食べ物はいかがですか。
otabemono wa ikagadesuka?
Would you like to order more dishes?

When the diners have finished their meal and want to pay, you give the bill and say to the guest:
12. お願いします。

13. ありがとうございます
arigatou gozaimasu
Thank you!
=> Used when the customer pays the bill.

If the guest gives too much, say:
14. おつりがありますから、少々お待ちください。
otsuriga arimasukara, shoushou omachikudasai
Since there is money left over, please wait a moment!

15. おつりでございます。
Please return the change

16. ちょうどです。
choudo desu
It’s enough!
=> Used when the customer has paid in full

17. すみません、まだ たりません。
sumimasen, mada tarimasen
Sorry customers, it’s still not enough!
=> If it’s missing, lower your voice and say

When client leave the restaurant, bow and say out loud:
18. またのお越しをお待ちしております。
mata no okoshi wo omachishiteorimasu
Please come back next time!

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