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Learn JLPT N5 Grammar: ~でしょう (deshou)

Learn JLPT N5 Grammar: ~でしょう (deshou)

Meaning: ~ Right?

How to use:
Aい/V(普)  + でしょう
na Adjな  + でしょう
Nだ   + でしょう

Used in a higher voice to confirm the agreement of the listener when the speaker thinks he or she has an understanding of the topic of the story, and expects that the listener will agree with his or her opinion.

Example sentences:

1. あなたは、学生さんでしょうか?
Anata wa, gakusei-sandeshou ka?
You are probably a student, right?

2. この問題は簡単でしょう?
Kono mondai wa kantan deshou?
Is this problem easy?

3. あしたパーティーに行くでしょう?
Ashita pa-ti- ni iku deshou?
Are you going to the party tomorrow?

…Ee, ikimasu
…Yes, I’ll go