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What does もし (moshi) mean in Japanese

What Does もし (moshi) Mean in Japanese

Hy everyone, welcome to my blog, pleasure to meet you guys, ok, in this post, let’s learn about the meaning and use of moshi (もし). The meaning of moshi is “if”, yeah, just “if”, but there is a rule you must know, if you use moshi, you must conjugate the ending sentence to one of the conditional forms (between ~ba,~to, ~nara, or ~tara conditional form), of course we have learned about 4 various Japanese conditional forms, I hope you remember it .


The meaning and use of moshi (もし)
Meaning: If
Note: Actually, you can drop the moshi itself, you moshi when you want to emphasize the conditional form.

moshi + conditional form + result

Sentence Example:
moshi nihongo ga dekireba nihonjin to hanashitai
If I can speak Japanese, I want to talk with Japanese people

moshi nihon ni ittara nihongo o benkyou shimasu
If I have been Japan, I will learn Japanese

moshi ame ga furanai to samuku naranai
If It does not rain (the weather) cannot be cold