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Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: つ~つ (tsu~tsu)

Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: つ~つ (tsu~tsu)

Meaning: and ~ (indicates two contrasting actions)

How to use: Verb (stem) ます + つ + Verb (stem) ます + つ

Repeatedly describe the opposite action

Example sentences:

1. どうしても欲しいゲームがあって、店の前を行きつ戻りつした。
doushitemo hoshii geemu ga atte, mise no mae o iki tsu modori tsu shita.
There was a game I really wanted, and I went back and forth in front of the store.

2. お互い持ちつ持たれつで、助け合いましょう。
Otagai mochitsu motaretsu de, tasukeaimashou.
Let’s help each other and support each other.

3. 久しぶりに友人とさしつさされつ酒を飲んで何時間もしゃべった。
hisashiburini yūjin to sashitsu sasaretsu sake o nonde nan-jikan mo shabetta.
After a long time, I had a drink with a friend and talked for hours.

4. ゆっくり二人で、差しつ差されつ朝まで飲みましょう。
yukkuri futari de, sashitsu sasaretsu asa made nomimashou.
Let’s exchange sake cups and drink until morning.