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Learn JLPT N4 Grammar: にくい (nikui)

Learn JLPT N4 Grammar: にくい (nikui)

Meaning: difficult to…; hard to…

Used to indicate that doing something is difficult
Used to denote a property of a subject (person or thing) that is difficult to change, or to denote something that is unlikely to happen.

How to use: Verb-ますstem + にくい

Example sentences:

1. 漢字は書きにくいです。
kanji wa kaki nikuidesu.
Kanji is difficult to write.

2. 人前ではちょっと話しにくい内容なのです。
hitomaede wa chotto hanashi nikui naiyōna nodesu.
This is something that is a little difficult to talk about in public.

3. きみには乗り越えにくいこともわかる。
kimi ni wa norikoe nikui koto mo wakaru.
I know this isn’t easy for you.

4. ここはいろいろな意味で住みにくい街ね。
koko wa iroiro na imi de sumi nikui machi ne.
This is a hard place to live in a lot of ways.

「にくい」 How to conjugate adjectives ending in 「い」

kono pen wa totemo tsukai nikukute tsukawanai.
This pen is difficult to use, so I don’t use it