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Learn JLPT N4 Grammar: なら (nara)

Learn JLPT N4 Grammar: なら (nara)

Meaning: if; if it is the case that; as for

How to use:
Verb-casual + (の)なら
Noun + (の)なら
いadj + (の)なら
なadj + (の)なら

Used to express some information about the topic that the conversation partner raised earlier.

Example sentences:

1. ものを頼むなら、忙しい人に頼め。
mono o tanomu nara, isogashii hito ni tanome.
If you want to get something done, give it to a busy man.

2. 例のことならもう社長に伝えました。
Rei no kotonara mō shachō ni tsutaemashita.
I have already reported this to the director

3. 寿司なら、くら寿司が一番美味しいですよ。
Sushi nara, kurazushi ga chiban oishii desu yo.
If it’s sushi, Kurazushi is the best.

4. どこかに出かけるなら、一緒に行こう。
dokoka ni dekakeru nara, issho ni ikou.
If you want to go out, let’s go together.

5. 佐藤さん見ませんでしたか?
Satō-san mimasendeshita ka?
Have you seen Sato?

Satō-san nara, toshokan ni imashita yo.
If it was Mr. Sato, he was in the library just now

Used to express information within a limited scope of a given topic and give an opinion.