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N3 Adverb List

N3 Adverb List
JLPT N3 Adverbs List

Kanji Hiragana Romaji Meaning
非常に ひじょうに hijou ni very; exceedingly
大変に たいへんに taihen ni extremely, very
ほとんど hotondo almost invariably; almost
すっかり sukkari all; entirely
一杯 いっぱい ippai full
たいてい taitei ordinarily;  generally
同時に どうじに doujini while; simultaneously
前もって まえもって maemotte in advance; before
ぎりぎり girigiri just barely; at the very limit
ぴったり pittari tightly; exactly
突然 とつぜん totsuzen abrupt; sudden; unexpected
あっと言う間に あっというまに attoiumani  in the blink of an eye
いつの間にか いつのまにか itsunomanika before one knows; unawares
しばらく shibaraku for a moment; for a minute;  for some time
相変わらず あいかわらず ai kawarazu as usual; as always
次々に つぎつぎに tsugitsugi ni one by one
どんどん don don steadily; one after the other; in succession
ますます masumasu increasingly
とうとう toutou finally; in the end
ついに tsui ni finally; in the end
もちろん mochiron of course; naturally
是非 ぜひ zehi certainly
なるべく narubeku as (much) as possible; if possible
案外 あんがい angai unexpectedly; unanticipated
もしかすると moshikasuruto perhaps; possibly; maybe
まさか ma saka certainly (not); unbelievable
うっかり ukkari carelessly; inadvertently
つい tsui unintentionally
思わず おもわず omowazu unconsciously; instinctively
ほっと hotto with a feeling of relief; with a sigh of relief
いらいら iraira to fret; to lose patience
ぐっすり gussuri soundly (sleeping)
しっかり shikkari tightly ; firmly; dependably
きちんと kichinto neatly; tidily; careful
はっきり hakkiri plainly; distinctly
じっと jitto intently
そっと sotto softly; stealthily; quietly
別々に べつべつに betsubetsu ni separately; apart; individually
それぞれ sorezore each
互いに たがいに tagaini with each other; together
必ず かならず kanarazu necessarily; certainly
絶対に ぜったいに zettai ni absolutely; unconditionally
特に とくに tokuni especially; in particular
ただ tada only; merely
少なくとも すくなくとも sukunakutomo at least
決して けっして kesshite (not) ever; decide not
全く まったく mattaku entirely; completely
ちょっとも chotto mo (not) at all; not even a little bit
少しも すこしも sukoshi mo not even a little bit
どんなに donnani to what extent; however
どうしても dou shite mo certain; no matter what
まるで marude quite; just like
一体 いったい ittai after all; uniformity
別に べつに betsuni Especially; other; Besides
たった tatta only; merely
ほんの  hon no mere; only; just
それで sorede and; thereupon; because of that
そこで soko de so; accordingly; therefore
そのうえ sonoue furthermore
また  mata again; once more
または mataha or; either … or …
それとも soretomo or; or else

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