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Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: ものを (mono o)

Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: ものを (mono o)

Meaning: I wish; if only; although; even though

How to use the:
Verb-casual + ものを
Adj + ものを

Often used in the form of ~ ば ~ も の を to know if what / how was done, the reality was different, with a bit of regret, pity of the speaker.

Example sentences:

1. 黙っていればいいものを、つい余計なことを言ってしまった。
damatte ireba ii mono o, tsui yokei na koto o itte shimatta.
If only I had kept my mouth shut. I said unnecessary things.

2. ヘルスチェックを受けていればすぐに治ったものを。
kensa o ukete ireba sugu ni naotta mono o.
If you had your health checked you would have been cured.

3. あなたがお金にこまっていると知っていれば、何とか力になったものを。
anata ga okane ni komatte iru to shitte ireba, nantoka chikara ni natta mono o.
If I had known you had money problems, I would have helped you.

4. せめて、僕にだけは、知らせに来てくれてもよかりそうなものを。
semete, boku ni dake wa, shirase ni kite kurete mo yokarisou na mono o.
I think you might have come and told me.