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Minna No Nihongo Lesson 41 Grammar

Minna No Nihongo Lesson 41 Grammar

  1. Expressions for giving and receiving

In Lesson 7 and 24, you learned expressions for the giving and receiving of things and actions. In this lesson, you will learn other expressions for giving and receiving things and actions, but these reflect the relationship between the giver and the receiver.

1) N1に N2をやります

When the receiver is a person of lower status or an animal or plant, やりますis normally used. However, when the receiver is a person, あげますis often preferred in current Japanese.


I gave some sweets to my son.


I gave some food to the dog.

[Note] さしあげますis used when the speaker wants to show particular deference to the receiver.

2) N1に N2 をいただきます

When the speaker receives a thing from a person of higher social status, いただきますis used instead of もらいます.


I received a souvenir from the manager.

3) [わたし]にNをくださいます

When a person of higher social status gives the speaker something, くださいますis used instead of くれます.


The manager gave me a souvenir.

くださいますis also used when the receiver is a member of the speaker’s family.


The manager gave a souvenir to my daughter.

  1. Giving and receiving of actions

やります, いただきます, and くださいますare also used in expressing the giving and receiving of actions. Examples are shown below.

1) Vて-formやります


I made a paper plan for my son.


I took my dog for a walk.


I checked my daughter’s homework.

[Note] Like ~てあげます, which you learned in Lesson 24, ~てさしあげますmay leave an impression of arrogance. So, it is advisable not to use these expressions directly to a person of higher social status.

2) Vて-form いただきます


I had my letter corrected by section chief.

3) Vて-formくださいます


The manager’s wife taught me the tea ceremony.


The manager took me to the station.


The manager corrected my report.

  1. V-formくださいませんか

~てくださいませんかis a polite expression of request, although it is less polite than~ていただけませんか in Lesson 26.


Will you kindly show me how to use the photocopier?


Would you kindly show me how to use the photocopier?

  1. V

The particleに means “as a token of” or “in memory of”.


Mr. Tanaka gave this plate as my wedding gift.


I bought a doll as a souvenir of the trip to Hokkaido.