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Vocabulary N1 Mimi Kara – Unit 7

Vocabulary N1 Mimi Kara – Unit 7
N1 Vocabulary – Mimi Kara oboeru

No. Kanji Hiragana Meaning
531 近年 きんねん recently, in recent years
532 かつて in the past, (never) before
533 かねて previously
534 目下 もっか now, presently
535 終日 しゅうじつ all day, whole day
536 早急に そうきゅうに/さっきゅうに urgently
537 即座に そくざに immediately
538 すかさず without hesitation, straight away
539 不意に ふいに suddenly, unexpectedly
540 突如 とつじょ all of a sudden, suddenly
541 近々 ちかぢか soon,
542 じきに/もうじき soon, before long
543 ぼつぼつ(と) soon, gradually here and there, spots, pimples
544 今どき いまどき today, nowadays
545 今ごろ いまごろ now, at this late hour
546 今さら いまさら now, at this late hour
547 今や いまや now (in contrast to the past)
548 今に いまに before long
549 頻繁に ひんぱんに frequently
550 始終 しじゅう continuously, from beginning to end
551 ちょくちょく often, now and then
552 およそ about, rough
553 極めて きわめて extremely
554 ごく extermely, very
555 いたって very
556 人一倍 ひといちばい more than others, unsually
557 一通り ひととおり roughly, in general, ordinary
558 やや slightly, a little
559 幾分 いくぶん to some extent, portion
560 そこそこ reasonably, fairly well, in a hurry, about
561 若干 じゃっかん somewhat, to a certain extent, few
562 今一つ いまひとつ lacking, not quite
563 さんざん to one’s heart’s content, utterly, severe
564 ぐっと firmly, fast, much
565 はるかに by far, long (ago), far (away)
566 がっちり(と) solid, firmly, shrewd
567 がっしり(と) solid, firm, tough
568 くっきり(と) clearly, distinctly
569 すんなり(と) slim, slender, without difficulty
570 着々と ちゃくちゃくと steadily
571 ぐんぐん(と) rapidly, at a great rate
572 ぐったり(と) limp, completely exhausted
573 げっそり(と) skinny, disheartened
574 ひっそり(と) deserted, quietly
575 ごたごた(と) disorderly, confused
576 ごちゃごちゃ(と) disorderly, confused
577 べたべた(と) sticky, all over, cling to, follow around
578 さも evidently
579 さぞ surely, certainly
580 何とぞ なにとぞ please, kindly
581 何なりと なんなりと anything, whatever
582 どうやら it seems like, somehow or other
583 よほど very, quite, greatly
584 さほど not very, not particularly
585 とうてい utterly, (not) at all
586 一見 いっけん at a glance, seemingly
587 一向に いっこうに absolutely, (not) in the least
588 一概に いちがいに as a rule, unconditionally
589 ろくに enough, sufficient
590 何でも なんでも I understand, I am told
591 及び および and, as well as
592 並びに ならびに both… and …, as well as
593 もしくは or
594 但し ただし but, however
595 なお further, in addition, still, even now
596 ちなみに incidentally
597 もっとも although, natural, right
598 ゆえに therefore, consequently
599 よって accordingly, because of
600 第一 だいいち foremost, number one

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