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Vocabulary N1 Mimi Kara – Unit 13

Vocabulary N1 Mimi Kara – Unit 13
N1 Vocabulary – Mimi Kara oboeru

No. Kanji  Hiragana Meaning
1101 かさむ to increase
1102 しなびる to shrivel, wither, wrinkle
1103 廃れる すたれる to go out of fashion, become obsolete
1104 よみがえる to be revived, resuscitated
1105 もたらす to bring about
1106 潤う うるおう to get wet, be moisturized, profit from
1107 潤す うるおす to wet, enrich, benefit
1108 和らぐ やわらぐ to calm down, mitigate, soften
1109 とろける to melt
1110 くつろぐ to relax, feel at home
1111 一気に いっきに in one go, without stopping, all together
1112 きっぱり(と) flatly, plainly
1113 てきぱき(と) briskly, quickly
1114 だらだら(と) leisurely, sluggish, slowly
1115 ぐずぐず(と) lingering, taking a long time, to complain, sniffle
1116 悠々 ゆうゆう(と) leisurely, calmly, easily
1117 いそいそ(と) excitedly
1118 とっさに suddenly, at once
1119 じっくり(と) without rushing, slowly
1120 おろおろ(と) flustered, in a daze
1121 まごまご confused, be slow
1122 ぶつぶつ(と) mutter, grumble, spots, pimples
1123 うっとり(と) spellbound, absorbed
1124 ゆったり(と) comfortable, loose
1125 しみじみ(と) keenly, fully, earnestly
1126 つくづく(と) thoroughly, seriously, completely
1127 がっくり(と) drop ( to one’s knees, one’s head), heartbroken
1128 うんざり be fed up with, boring
1129 てっきり surely
1130 いっそ rather
1131 きっかり(と) exactly, precisely
1132 きっちり(と) properly, thoroughly
1133 誠に まことに very really
1134 ことに in particular
1135 まさに surely, certainly, just
1136 ひたすら nothing but
1137 あくまで(も) to the (bitter) end
1138 めっきり remarkably
1139 かろうじて barely, just and no more
1140 あえて to go as far as, deliberately
1141 あわや in the nick of time, very nearly
1142 もろに right, completely
1143 いやに very awfully
1144 やけに too, awfully
1145 むやみに randomly, excessively
1146 やたら(に/と) excessively, impulsively
1147 何しろ なにしろ at any rate, anyway
1148 専ら もっぱら solely, entirely
1149 一応 いちおう just in case, tentatively, more or less
1150 一旦 いったん temporarily, for a moment, once
1151 ひとまず for the time being
1152 追って おって later, at a later date
1153 現に げんに actually
1154 言わば いわば so-called, so to speak
1155 いかに how, how much, however much
1156 一律に いちりつに uniformly, standard
1157 各々 おのおの each, individually
1158 もはや already
1159 ともすれば/ともすると liable to, prone to
1160 依然 (として) いぜん (として) as it was before, still, yet
1161 漠然と ばくぜんと vaguely
1162 まして not to mention, still less
1163 なおさら all the more
1164 ひいては at least, consequently
1165 おのずから as a matter of course, naturally
1166 明くる あくる next, following
1167 来る きたる coming, next
1168 去る さる last
1169 例の れいの that ( when the subject is known to both parties)
1170 ありとあらゆる every single, every possible