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Learn JLPT N3 Grammar: っけ (kke)

Learn JLPT N3 Grammar: っけ (kke)

Meaning: should; can; it’d be good if

How to use:
Verb + っけ
Noun + だっけ /だったっけ
い-adjective + いかったっけ
なadj + だっけ/ だったっけ

A casual suffix to confirm something you are trying to remember.
This is a particle used in conversational Japanese to indicate that the speaker is trying to remember something and ask for confirmation.

Example sentences:

1. 自己紹介したっけ?
jikoshoukai shitakke.
Did I introduce myself?

2. 彼が引退するまで、あと何年だっけ?
kare ga intai suru made, ato nannen da kke.
How long will it be until he retires?

3. ええと、あの人はなんて言ってたっけ?
eeto, ano hito wa nante itteta kke.
How did he put it?

4. 明日のパーティーのこと、話したっけ?
ashita no paatii no koto, hanashitakke?
Did I tell you about the party tomorrow?