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Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: かたがた (katagata)

Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: かたがた (katagata)

Meaning: while; at the same time; for the purpose of

How to use the: Noun + かたがた

In the case of doing something, by the way, always do, along with another action

Example sentences:

1, 友達が風邪をひいたというので、お見舞いかたがた家を訪ねることにした
tomodachi ga kaze o hīta to iu node, o mimai katagata-ka o tazuneru koto ni shita
My friend caught a cold, so I decided to visit the house I wanted to visit.

2, 散歩かたがた、友達を訪ねた。
sanpo katagata, tomodachi o tazuneta.
I stopped by my friend’s house while I went out for a walk.

3, 散歩かたがたパンやさんに行ってこよう。
sanpo katagata pan ya-san ni itte koyou.
Ready for a walk, we will visit the bakery too

4, 本日は先日のお詫びかたがた、お伺いしました。
honjitsu wa senjitsu no owabi katagata, oukagai shimashita.
I came today to apologize for what happened yesterday.

5, 以上お礼かたがたお願いまで。
ijō orei katagata onegai made.
Thank you, and please help me

Used with the same meaning as ~ を 兼 ね る て。