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JLPT N4 Reading Practice – Day 14 (with Answers & Vocabulary )

JLPT N4 Reading Practice – Day 14 (with Answers & Vocabulary )

紙ですから使った後で燃やしてすてることもできますし、そのときに悪いガスなどを出しませんから 人にもやさしいのです。またとてもうつくしいそうです。まだ新しい品物ですから、今はかざりに使われているぐらいですが、これからいろいろなところで使われていくのはまちがいないでしょう。

1. ねつと水に強いとてもべんりな物です。
2. ガラスのように何も通すことはありません。
3. ねつに強いので燃やすのがむずかしいです。
4. うつくしいのでいろいろなところで使われてきました。


水にぬれない: waterproof
超越紙 (ちょうえつし) :transcendental paper
燃やす (もやす): burn

It is said that waterproof paper was invented. Attached to the name “transcendental paper”, it is now gradually starting to be used. Unlike ordinary paper, it is waterproof and does not let water through, like glass. But things like air can still pass through. It’s paper, but it’s not paper. It’s glass, but it’s not glass. Whether in the water or hot weather, they are very sturdy, so this is a very convenient product.
Because it is paper, it can also be burned after use, and because it does not emit toxic gas, it is very pleasant to humans. And still very beautiful. Since this is still a new product, it’s only for decoration for now, but from now on it will probably be used in many different places.

What does the article say about transcendental paper?
1. It is a very convenient product because it is very sturdy in water or heat resistant.
2. Don’t let anything pass through, like glass.
3. Because it is very good in high temperature environment, it is difficult to burn.
4. Because beautiful should be used everywhere.

Answers: 1