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Japanese Particles: は (wa)⁣

Japanese Particles: は (wa)⁣


⁣The particle は WA (spelled with the hiragana HA for historical reasons) indicates the main topic of a sentence. In English it would be similar to starting a sentence with “as for…” or “speaking of…”. Most of the times the main topic of the sentence is identical to what is called the subject in English.⁣

Example sentences:⁣
(watashi WA gakusei desu)
I’m a student. (Literally: As for me, I’m a student.)⁣

(kinou WA yasunda)
I took a rest yesterday. (Literally: Speaking of yesterday, I rested.)⁣

(kono eiga WA omoshiroi desu)
This movie is interesting. (Literally: As for this movie, it was interesting.)

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