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Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: がてら (gatera)

Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: がてら (gatera)

Meaning: on the same occasion; at the same time; coincidentally

How to use the:
Verb ます (sterm form) + がてら
Noun + がてら

Used to show the case in the process of completing an action / event, at the same time, by the way is also another action.

Example sentences:
1, 買い物がてら、その辺をぶらぶらしない。
kaimonogatera, sono hen o burabura shinai.
People go shopping, let’s go around to see this area

sanpogatera, pan o kai ni ikou.
When I go for a walk, I buy bread

3, 桜を見がてら隣の駅まで歩いた。
sakura o migatera tonari no eki made aruita.
I walked to the next station while enjoying the cherry blossoms.

4, 京都においでの節は、お遊びがてらぜひ私どものところはもお立ち寄りかださい。
kyōto ni oide no setsu wa, o asobigatera zehi watakushidomo no tokoro wa mo o tachiyori ka dasa i.
If you have fun playing in Kyoto, please drop in at our place.

5, 週末にはドライブがてら、新しい博物館まで行ってみようと思う。
shuumatsu niwa doraibu gatera, atarashii hakubutsukan made itte miyou to omou.
I’m thinking of visiting the new museum while going out for a drive this weekend.

Used with the same meanings as ~ か た が た and ~ を 兼 ね る て。